Kicking Goals

2020 is a year that wil live in infamy. Covid-19 has changed the very fabric of our lives and it took me a good couple of months to find my feet in this new “iso” world.

Working from home is great but home schooling kids while trying to work your full time job not so much.

After hitting the wine and snacks a little too hard as a coping mechanism for a month or so, I had a moment of clarity. Inspired by my parter’s “50k in May” challenge I decided that it was time to pull my finger out and get my shit sorted. No more staying up late and drinking trying to delay the inevitable misery of tomorrow.

I’ve been getting up at 5am and hitting a work out each day in the garage. I’ve also started eating right and have stopped drinking just about all together. With this new life style I have found that my mental health has improved and my focus and drive to start achieving my goals has returned. To that end I have just completed the first draft of Kumite RPG!!!

There is still lots of work to do between now and going to print but for the first time I have the minimum amount of content for a player to experience Kumite RPG in all its glory.

Watch this space for updates as the book start to take shape.

Gary updates

So Google updated their minimum target API for all apps on the google play store and I had until 1st November to get the update done.

Since I built the Gary games a fair while ago in order to do the update i had to update my version of Unity (Game engine) which was moderately painless but the ad plugin from google ads would not compile. In order to get the apps into the store before the cut off i removed all the ads with the plan to reinstate them once I had time.

Glad to say that today is the day when I finally had to the time to figure this update out and have just uploaded new versions for all 3 Gary games to bring them back up to their original functionality. That is to say that the reward video function is back and working and hopefully these will be approved and available in the app store in the next days or 2.

Kumite RPG Logo Design

So its time to start getting the graphical side of Kumite RPG sorted and that starts with the logo.

Here are the 4 logo’s that my designed has sent though. I’m leaning towards the bottom left one but i’d love to hear your thoughts.