My First VR experiment

So, the oculus quest 2 is now so cheap that I could not help myself but go buy one and then immediately start tryign to build stuff for it.

The process in unity is SO easy!! all the XR plugins just work and whiule its not super inutitive Youtube has more than enough videos to help you get started.

This little scene took about 4-5 hours to build using a $25 medical themed asset pack form the unity asset store. I’ve implemented teleporting to get around (though I used traditional movement first which made me sick) and also grab functionality to be able to interacte with certain objects in scene.

Theres no audio on this clip, though I did commentate during but the sound was not recorded. I’ll figure all this out as we go.

First Areana – blockout with bouncy ball

Hey Guys,

We are making progress, though be it slowly, on our first 3D game Sumo Mayhem.

heres a quick video showing our first arena blockout.

Let us know what you think in the comments.



Run Gary run!!

While going through the slow and boring test and release phase for Gary and the Pogo Stick, I’ve decided to make am start on Gary’s next Adventure.

Gary and the Get Away.

Here is a first draft animation of Gary running 🙂