My First VR experiment

So, the oculus quest 2 is now so cheap that I could not help myself but go buy one and then immediately start tryign to build stuff for it.

The process in unity is SO easy!! all the XR plugins just work and whiule its not super inutitive Youtube has more than enough videos to help you get started.

This little scene took about 4-5 hours to build using a $25 medical themed asset pack form the unity asset store. I’ve implemented teleporting to get around (though I used traditional movement first which made me sick) and also grab functionality to be able to interacte with certain objects in scene.

Theres no audio on this clip, though I did commentate during but the sound was not recorded. I’ll figure all this out as we go.

New Game, new menu

So I started working on this game quite a while ago and then I let it slide due to the work I was doing on Kumite RPG. Now since that project has stalled because I’m lazy and unfocussed, but also because I bought a house and moved and changed jobs all in the same month earlier this year (yey!!) I got inspired the other day to finally finish off this project and get it into the app stores.

Clicky Ball, is the title and its a super simple hyper casual game where you simply click on the balls to pop them. each time you pop a ball you get 2 smaller balls to pop. The aim is to pop as many as you can annd get the best score possible across all of the levels. That’s it!! Simple 🙂

I’ll post some game play video shortly but for now, enjoy my new menu system. First time doing levels in a game and man, there has to be a quicker way to make level buttons. FYI, each level can be in 1 of 6 states and each state requires an image to represent to the player which state that level is in. 20 levels, that’s 120 images!!

I managed to stream line the process a fair bit. takes about 2-3 minutes to create the 6 images for each level, I may even post a video on how I’ve done this for future devs looking for a quick way to do this. Probably not the best way but its a way that took me a little time to figure out so it might be of value to someone somewhere!!

Judo finally complete

I’ve finally completed the technique descriptiosn for Judo. That was a job and half.

4 down, 8 more styles to go.

Slowly but surely sneaking up on getting this thing completed.

Back Pocket promo image

So i’m a huge fan of the guys from Good Games / Spawn point / ScreenPlay etc… and they have a new twitch show called “Back Pocket”.

I am a proud supporter of these guys through their patreon and as a reward I get to submit an image to their sponsored by section.

Here is my new promo image for that.

Let me know what you think.