A new beginning

I’m back!!

I hit a wall a while back whereby the 30 minutes i was getting to code during my work break just simply wasn’t enough to get anything meaningful done on the game. I walked away more from frustration and boredom than from anything more grand like “i needed a break” or “i’ll come back at this with fresh eye’s”. Truth is i got the shits and gave up. With everything else that was happening in my life it was just simply not a priority and the game dev suffered accordingly.

So why come back to it now?

Well, during my break I got out of my head and more into my body. I gave up drinking (a massive thing for me) and started working out a lot. I’ve lost 9kg at the time of writing and more to come. Also, I’ve decided to NOT develop any game until i have mastered the untiy game engine. I have a number of online courses and books that I have bought and I am going to beworking my way through these before attempting to code somethign for myself. As a developer with almost 20 years in the game, it is hard for me to take a backward step and to become a student again when I am so used to simply being able to get it done. I think that is where I went wrong with Level33 and I am determined to not repeat that same mistake.

Goal for the next 12 months is become a master of the untiy game engine, both 2d and 3d, and to have 1 game in  the apple and android app stores.

I’ll post about my studies and anything interesting a i think is share worthy here but the updates will be sporadic at best.

chat soon!!