Kumite RPG Play Test – Aikido Vs judo

The 6th and final fight of the Kumite play test series saw Aikido and Judo, both victorious in their second round fights, face off against each other.

In a fight that went the full 3 rounds, Judo was victorious on a “by rounds” basis¬†(the actual rules) winning the first 2 rounds narrowly while Aikido won on a “by HP” basis dealing 7 HP damage in the final round!! WOW!!!!

This has been a great experience and the game has definitely improved and come along way because of it.

I’m going to re-write the core rules to reflect the learnings from these play tests and continue to work on technique lists for all of the 12 martial arts. Perhaps once all 12 have level 1 techniques written up I can revisit this series and run a U.F.C. elimination style tournament to play test all of the styles in action.

Stay tuned for more updates.