The cutting room floor

As part of Gary and the Avalanche, there were going to be 2 collectible power ups. Jump and Slow.

Slow works an absolute treat and I could not be happier with how that plays, looks and feels. Its a corker.

Jump, however, not so much. The video above shows some play testing run I did with Jump implemented and it doesn’t really work. Once in the air you are essentially out of control, you speed up and 90% of the time you fall off the bottom of the screen. I only found this useful at the tops¬† of the screen, where, when you jumped, you had to time to land and regain control. In actual use, its more like an emergency “oh, shit. TREE!!” by which time if you jumped your going to fall off the bottom of the screen to your death.

Only scenario i can think of for this function is if i create a screen wide obstacle, a row of trees or rocks, where by the only way to get past them is to jump?!?! This might be cool as to add a different type and level of obstacle but i’m not in love with the idea just yet. Maybe put it in the phase 2 basket.