Avalanche – Test Character Art

Hi Guys,

Was meant to head up to RTX Sydney today but the website for the event had me so confused on how to buy a Sunday pass that I gave up.

Instead I decided to give creating a characters for a skiing game I have in mind a crack.

Everyone meet Gary. Gary, meet everyone.

Gary was having a great day out on the slopes, carving tasty lines through fresh powder. That was until the mountain decided it was time to remind Gary of the awesome power of nature. Gary is now in a life or death race to out run an avalanche. Using naturally occurring moguls to steady his decent he must walk a fine line between going fast enough to not be swallowed by the raging wall of snow behind him while not going so fast that he loses all control. Add to this a mix of trees and rocks he must avoid and its not looking good for Gary.

Here are the 4 poses  have for Gary at this point.

I would love to hear your feedback on Gary.

I’ll post updates of the game build as I go. The aim is to get this into both the android and iOS app stores using Admob ads to generate some revenue. Its one of my major goals for the year so it will be a good one to tick off the list.