Flappy Clone Complete

Finally got around to completing my flappy bird clone today.

Integration with google play services was trickier than it should have been but a couple hours of googling and trying things and i finally cracked the secret code. 🙂

With my first 2 game tuts complete I’m now starting to give serious thought to build my first orginal game. the goal is to have a 2d mobile game in the android store (iOS store also if i can get the hardware required) with ad revenue coming in. Not a huge amount. If I make a single cent from this first game I will call that a victory. Its mostly about learning how to go from concept to store to revenue. Exciting times ahead.

Its funny, when i’m not in a position to start building somethign  new i have more ideas than i can handle, but now that its real, complete blank. Stupid brain!!

Anywho, watch this space as there will be updates coming at you.