Kids Coding

Recently I was asked to get involved with a great initiative at our local co-working space Collab Highlands. During school holidays they are going to be running kids coding workshops.

We had our first “test run” a few months ago with a few guys from Apple there to show us how it was done and to watch and guide us through our first class.

Today was our first solo flight and it could not have been more fun. I’ve always enjoyed the mentoring side of development and this took it to a new level. Introducing kids, as young as 4, to the ideas and concepts being software development is truly inspiring. You take for granted, after a while, that anything is possible (given enough time and money), however, when one of your kids wants to build a game where a unicorn jumps from rainbow to rainbow as a game and you realize you could totally built that for them in a day is really quite special.

Definitely something I a going to proactively pursue moving forward. Already working on a game development course idea for teenagers. Watch this space…