Record Month

Hi Guys,

Long time no post.

Last post I spoke about a new opportunity (Zimpla) that might lead to some full time/ part time work. Well, so far so good. Things are going very well on the new project and hopefully by the end of January 2019 i’ll be no longer working nights (though i’ll keep a couple just to be on the safe side).

In super exciting news, MoreDragons had our best month ever in terms of advertising revenue. We made just over $60 this month. Mostly from Gary and the Pogo Stick and mostly from 2 days of heavy traffic (xmas and boxing day). Still, super stoked about this.

Really gets the game building juices flowing again. When things settle down on the work front i’ll definitely have to get busy finishing off Gary and the Getaway.

Thx again to all our players and everyone who has/is supporting us.

Have a great new year guys and hope 2019 is your best year yet.