Where did JetPack go?

Hey Guys,

It was brought to my attention just before Xmas that Gary and the JetPack was not available in the Google Play Store.  “Ee gads!” I hear you cry.

Well, after a bit of investigation, turns out that my ad provider (Admob) collects the “Android Advertiser Identifier” and as such I require a privacy policy for my games to be listed in the Google Play Store.

I quickly generated a privacy policy using this tool -> Privacy Policy Generator then put the resulting policy onto this page here -> MoreDragons Privacy Policy then updated all of my store listings in Google Play Store to include a link to this page and resubmitted all of my apps.

As of time of writing, gary and the JetPack is still not available in the Play store but to be fair I did only resubmit everything 30 minutes ago. So i’m sure by the time anyone reads this JetPack will be up and running again.