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Gary and the Avalanche

Competition Winner

To the victor goes the spoils.

Congratulations to Joe for his victory in the t-shirt giveaway (pictured here celebrating his victory).

His score of 18619 is still yet to be beaten.

Leaderboard in Alpha

The original vision for Gary and the Avalanche was to have a leaderboard where by everyones highscore and rank could be kept track of.

As this required a bunch of additional work and the goal of the MVP was to purely “get a game in the app store” i put the idea on hold until now.

Its taken 2 weeks!! (realistically about 4 days of coding but that speaks to my current schedule more so than the complexity of the task).

Its finally in Alpha testing and my Team Alpha guys are putting it through its paces as we speak. Looking to deploy into production over the weekend failing some critical issue the guys might find for me.

If i may digress for a moment, I have a whole bunch on my plate right now not related to game development. Not good stuff, not stuff i wanted but stuff thats been thrust upon me. The sheer cost of participating in this system renders anyone living week to week (as I do) at a complete disadvantage. This guy Gary, this tiny little experiment in getting something into the app store has been a source of solace over the last 2 weeks. Something to look forward to. Something to keep that light at the end of the tunnel shining and for anyone who actually reads my blog posts know that you play a vital role in keeping me going. If your reading this, THANKYOU!!


How is this a thing?

God damn it!!

So you would think that mobile devices would all have a unique identifier built in. i mean, how else could the network establish which phone is which. So with that in mind i did a quick google and found that unity can access this unique device ID. GREAT!!

I go ahead and build the entire API for Gary leaderboard based on this.

Today, I start implementing the API into the game and BAM!! the unique identifier is not only not guaranteed to remain the same on any given device, it may not exist at all?!?!??! Mother f*#ckers!!

Anywho, like all thing in coding, this is just a problem that needs a solution and i figured one out. Just means I now have to revisit every table and stored proc in the API and modify to work with my new methodology.