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Gary and the Pogo Stick

Pogo Stick gets navigation and music

So, kids are at school and wife is out for the day for work. Guess what time it is?!?!


Hells yes. So spent the morning putting all of the game navigation and music into the game. Really starting to come together now. Hoping to have it ready for alpha testing by this afternoon. Bring it!!

Death by Pogo Stick

Theres nothing quite as satisfying as hearing Gary’s death cry for the first time when developing a new game.

Don’t Judge me!! :p


ps, you know you love it too.

Gary gets a parachute

Powers ups for Gary and the Pogo Stick now done.

Check out that sweet parachute action.Doesn’t feel OP, think I got it just right.

As much as I suck at art, it gives me the biggest buzz to create something new, like the parachute graphic that turns out better than i had hoped. God i wish I could game dev for a living. Keep pluggin and one day, maybe, that will be the case. 🙂