Kumite RPG Level 1 Playtest

So last weekend i finished off the playtest engine and ran through 10 games for each style against each style. This equates to 660 fights!!

Avg. time to run a fight IRL is approx. 30 minutes so to do this manually it would have taken 330 hours!! using the magic of javascript it took about an hour.

you too can check out the playtest engine here ->

Please have a play and let me know your thoughts.

Findings from this playtest were, Karate was OP and Kung Fu was weak af. tweaked the set up of these 2 styles and everything was pretty balanced.

Sumo Mayhem update

Hey Guys,

Sumo mayhem has been put on hold as our 3d modeller has landed himself a real job and does not have the time to work on this project.

Sad for us but super exciting for him.

Hopefully this project will get back on track soon but for the time being its being shelved. 🙁

We finally made it

So its taken 18 months but we finally crossed the payment threshold of $100 on google ads!! We about to get paid!! 🙂

Works out to be about 18c/day.


Sumo Mayhem

Hey Guys,

We’re excited to tell you that our next game, currently under development, will be called “Sumo Mayhem” (working title).

It will be a 3D player vs computer battle game based on Sumo Wrestling and will be available for android and iOS devices.

Pictures above is a first draft (blockout for those in know) of the arena on which the battles will take place.

Stay tuned for more updates from both Zac and I as models and game play start to come online.