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Level33 – HUD updates and bug fixed elevators

Sorry for the lack of updates. As mentioned in myprevious post, a bug in the elevator animation code took me a while to figure out.

In good news, bug fixed and head up display now has countdown timer and level tracking elements. mmm..tasty!!


Bug fixing – 30 minutes at a time

One of the struggles of building this game with the very limited amount of development time that i have on a daily basis is fixing bugs. I’ve not been able to post an update video lately due to a bug which, at 30 minutes a day, its taken me 3 days to figure out. I created an infinite loop in the elevator animation code and on my 3rd session finally tracked it down and fixed it.

I guess this is why they call these things passion projects, because without the passion theres just no way these things would ever get built.

As an FYI, i will have an update video ready tomorrow. hopefully with some cool level changing code ready to rock.

Southern Highlands Video Game Developers

One thing I have learn over the any years of coding is that having contact with other people working on similar projects is both motivating and inspiring. There is no better feeling than building something and showing it off to have your peers give you both good and bad feedback.

To this end I created a facebook group a while back for video game developers in my local area to meet up. If you’re interesting in any aspect of the video gaming process, be it coding, game design, art etc… and you call the Southern Highlands home then by all means please join our group and share the journey with us.

You can find us at Southern Highlands Video Game Developers

Level33 – working elevator animation

The elevator animations continue and i think we’re just about done. still need to add sound but i’m happy with the effect that moving the lights has created.

ps, happy fathers day to all the dads out there.