Kumite RPG Play Test – Boxing vs Judo

Hey Guys,

Long time no post but i’m glad to say i am finally refocusing on my game design effort.

I’ve been working on a new table top RPG called Kumite RPG and I have just finished my draft play test version and run through my first fight!!

Have a listen and let me know your thoughts (its a little long, just over an hour)

Stay tune for more updates on this project as more content and refinements come together.


Sumo Mayhem update

Hey Guys,

Sumo mayhem has been put on hold as our 3d modeller has landed himself a real job and does not have the time to work on this project.

Sad for us but super exciting for him.

Hopefully this project will get back on track soon but for the time being its being shelved. 🙁

We finally made it

So its taken 18 months but we finally crossed the payment threshold of $100 on google ads!! We about to get paid!! 🙂

Works out to be about 18c/day.