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Video games equals creativity not violence

With all the commotion going on at the moment re: Fortnite making kids violent (not this again i hear anyone involved in gaming say) I thought I would take the opportunity to show the world a different side of how kids are effected by Fortnite. Namely my kids.

This video was shot, edited and uploaded to a youtube channel all by my 13 year daughter Ella who did this as a fun little project with her little brother Aaron.

I really wish that main stream media would get their facts straight and stop letting hysterical conservatives get on tv spouting rubbish about gaming.


House to myself. LETS CODE!!

I have the house all to myself for the next 6 hours courtesy of my lovely partner who is taking our beautiful little princess up to Sydney to spend the dat and nanny and poppies.

Best I make the most of this.

Gameplay screen just about done (still not 100% on the colour of the smoke). Today goals, get the intro screen done, scoring, ads and lives all sorted. stretch goal, add leaderboard!!

lets see how far i can get 🙂

A fork in the road

So its been a bit of a while since i blogged anything and this is due to having nothing game dev related to blog.

I’ve done a minimal amount of work on the art for my next game project “Gary and the Jetpack” but its far from finished and i’m not anywhere near ready to start coding it.

With all thats going on in life atm its hard to find the time to code, and even when i do its hard to find the motivation.

My lovely partner recently re-enrolled me in crossfit which is an absolute godsend, as I had to give it up in January due to family budget issues and since then i’ve put on 11kg and really been sent into a downward spiral of sadness (not depression, everyones got that these days #controversial) and treating myself and feeling like shit . 2 crossfit sessions back and i’m feeling 100% again. eating right, off the booz and just feeling awesome again.

This brings us to the fork in the road. I have a cert III and IV in fitness and I have been toying with the idea of becoming a PT and getting into the fitness game. At the end of last year I was solely focussed on that but felt myself missing the mental stimulation that coding gives me which is why i started game dev in a semi serious way. Ideally I would like to have the best of both worlds and maybe I can but history would suggest thats its going to be one or the other. If I didn’t have the kidlets to look after i would have all the time i need but thats not the case and of course, if a frog had wings it wouldn’t bump its are when it hopped 😉

Excuses, Fear, Laziness, genuine concern?!?! who can say.

At this moment my priority is the fitness thing. Making a living as a PT seems far more plausible than as a game dev. That being said I’m not giving up. I just got to figure a way to get some coding done in amongst everything else. If its important enough i’ll find a way. Lets see what happens.


Life just gets in the way sometimes. I’ve had the leaderboard API built since last Thursday and today (a week later) is the first chance i’ve had to get back to my pc and start implementing it into the game. Kids, work, life!!

Oh for the day when building games is my fulltime job. Thats the dream right there.

Hopefully have something exciting to post re: leaderboards soon.