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This guy

Jacob, our lead tester (real) and senior VP of marketing (self appointed) is sporting one of our quality t shirts.

Look at this guy, he gets more splendid the more you look at him.

Love you son 😉

Be mine already!!

in this day and age of instant gratification, which as a Gen-x-er is not something i grew up with, but is definitely something i have become accustomed to, i WANT this thing NOW!!

Gary live rollout commenced


Exciting times. I just pushed the button on releasing Gary and the Avalanche into production on the google play store!! (need more exclamation marks)

Will take a couple of hours to become available for all and sundry, so will post again when this happens and start telling all the peeps to go get their Gary on.

Gary loves his coffee

I’ve added a new collectible to Gary and the Avalanche.


Now Gary’s escape will be fueled by the sweet sweet nectar of the seeds of the berries of the Coffea plant.

(FYI, its a +100 point bonus/cup)